Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instacracker is going Full Yellow Pajamas. The man should be in a straightjacket:

"THE TIMING APPEARS CONVENIENT: FBI stages domestic raids."

Domestic raids? Where else would the FBI be conducting raids?

And why does Glenn Reynolds support terrorists?

No link to the 'Cracker. 'Cracker's link is to another bedwetting wingnut site.

Update: Here's a little bit about the 'Cracker's pals:

WXYZ-TV reports that helicopters were spotted in the sky for much of Saturday night, and agents set up checkpoints throughout the area. Witnesses told the station that it was like a small army had descended on the area. The Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are also involved in the raids.

Mike Lackomar, of, said both The Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia and the are not involved in the investigation and have not been contacted by federal authorities.

Lackomar said he heard from other militia members that the FBI targeted the Hutaree after its members made threats of violence against Islamic organizations.

"Last night and into today the FBI conducted a raid against homes belonging to the Hutaree. They are a religious cult. They are not part of our militia community," he said.

These folks are such scumbags that the Michigan Militia refuses to associate with them. But they're victims in Instacrackerland.

Kudos to the Obama Administration for taking terrorism seriously.

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