Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hate Crimes and Haters

Three men from Hayward, Calif. have been charged in San Francisco with assault with a deadly weapon, hate crimes and attempted mayhem for shooting a gay man with a BB gun. The men allegedly admitted to targeting gay victims, and allegedly videotaped their crimes.

Cretins such as Mark Steyn suspect the suspects are Muslims because of their names. Delusional cretins such as Pam Oshry suspect a cover-up by the District Attorney and the media because the men who are being prosecuted aren't identified as Muslims in the newspaper accounts of the crime. (No link to the delusional cretin.)

Shit Steyn is positively orgasmic over the thought that the perpetrators of anti-gay violence are Muslim. Steyn doesn't know the men's religion(s) or whether their actions were motivated by religious beliefs, but that doesn't matter to him. I'm confident Shit has been equally critical of anti-gay shootings and assaults by people of other religions and nationalities. I'm so confident that I don't even need to look for confirmation. I'm sure it exists. How could it not?

The biggest problem Steyn has (apart from his poodle toupee) is that the men have been arrested and charged, and face enhanced punishment for committing hate crimes regardless of their religion. So Shit can't pretend that our godless liberal enclaves are under the thrall of Sharia law. If convicted, the three gentleman will recieve serious punishment, and that punishment will be enhanced because of their bigotry. And Steyn will remain free to spew his bigotry, as long as he doesn't act on it.

The system works.

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