Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Choad To The White House Capitol

Hairless Republican Mickey Kaus kicks off his Senate campaign by claiming to be a Democrat. His announcement fails to identify a single issue on which he agrees with the Democratic Party. Maybe one of the 80 media suck-ups doing a puffer on Kaus's shampaign could ask him about that.

Kaus does repeat his hatred of unions and immigrants, but wisely refrains from republishing his contempt for Erza Klein's youth and ability to grow hair. Kaus also claims to embody "common sense," repeating the phrase like he's Sharia Plain with Tourette's Syndrome.

Of course, Kaus has done nothing to expand his voting base beyond right-wing bloggers, who are scarce in California, and people who so badly want Slate.com not to suck that they'll do anything.

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