Monday, March 08, 2010

The Kaus Kampaign Kicks Off

In yet another right-wing puff piece, the hairless Republican announces that he wants to run for the Senate on The Washington Post Company's dime:

Kaus said he’s "serious about running and making the biggest impact I can." But he clearly doesn't expect to defeat Boxer. He doesn't have any public speeches or events planned. He envisions a low-cost campaign of ideas, harnessing the Web to spread his message and fundraise.

A key question is whether or not Kaus will continue with his blog, which is part of Slate. He says he wants to keep blogging -- and getting paid --during the campaign. He'll meet with Slate executives this week to try to hash out his status there."

No one ever accused Slate or Kaus of being ethical, so I am sure something can be worked out.

The article also says that Kaus is running because "says he can reach people that he didn't with his blog." Yet he doesn't intend to speak to the public or hold campaign events. So how does he reach people who don't read his blog? Banner ads on

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