Saturday, August 09, 2008

Never Gonna Let It Go

K-Lo is like a dog with a bone:

Former Altar Boy Tim [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

A priest friend points out that Tim Pawlenty is a fallen away Catholic and wonders if that's a liability. I actually don't think it makes a difference to Catholics, even if they're sorry to hear he's left the fold. I assume evangelicals would welcome a convert running. But that assumes social-conservative evangelicals are kinder to religious converts than they were to a Mormon political convert.

Imagine waking up on Saturday morning and feeling the overwhelming need to express the foregoing sentiment to everyone before anything else.

And it's not even a coherent whine. A large segment of the Repug fundies went for O.K. Huckabee, who is one of their own. Why should the Bible-humpers show kindness to a styrofoam head who changed his politics simply for the sake of his career, and to bamboozle dimwits like Lopez? And there are plenty of other reasons to hate Mitt, whether from a fundie perspective or a rational one.

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