Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Veepstakes, All The Time

The children in The Corner are soiling themselves over the impending choice of the man who will be President when a President McCain strokes out.

Sister Mary Kathyrn Unibrow writes:

Pro-Choice, Wrong Choice

David Limbaugh issues a warning.

Don't stand downwind of me would be a more helpful warning from Fredo.*

Responding to Rich Lowry's post on Tom Ridge as VeePee, the Runaway Bride of Christ also writes:

I've heard the same late today and I can't help but think

a) They couldn't possibly think that's a good idea. After all it's not "just" abortion. He's a liberal Democrat!

b) They are freaking us out so we give thanks when the time comes and it's a solid choice.

Besides writing, I'm praying.

No, you're hallucinating, just like you are here:

Obama's Veep

I'm increasingly nervous it will be Senator Casey. Some would interpret that as a new Democratic party. Pro-lifers shouldn't be such cheap dates.

For Ms. Lopez, life is a Hidden Picture puzzle, and all the hidden objects are fetuses.

Basic-cable filler queen Cokie Kudlow also rubs his gums in anticipation of a long-shot:

It is being widely reported that John McCain will announce his Veep pick on August 29, the day after the Dem Convention in Dayton, Ohio. My immediate thought is Rob Portman.

I was thinking Bob Ney, but I tend to be more reality-based than Cokie.

Finally, Jonah Goldberg is thinking about sex and not the number two slot (or maybe it's both), when he writes:

Newt "The Spatula" Gingrich

*"Fredo" appears courtesy of TBogg.

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