Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Should we file this under #1?

Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains the "Five Scariest Things About Barack Obama" and surprisingly not one of them is that he is, you know, one of, (looks both ways and speaking without moving lips)"a b-l-ck man":

An evangelical, very religious conservative friend of mine wrote and asked me what scared me about Obama. Well, there’s more than a few things.

1. Elitism: Barack Obama thinks he’s better than the average American. He believes that Americans are stupid. Therefore, he will be justified in putting forth all sorts of policies that are “good” for us, but that the people don’t want.

2. Bad Judgment: [lacks the common decency to be a Republican]

3. Increasing Taxes: [something Larry Kudlow probably once said]

4. Ideology: [hates America, wants to destroy it]

5. Lack of Core Values: [see "Elitism" and "Ideology"]
Unmentioned is the fact that Barack Obama likely views people who pass themselves off as being a "doctor" when they are actually a chiropractor as being a bit disingenuous.

But that's just Obama being all elitist and stuff.

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