Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain to media: Hey, look at me!

As much as I admire Josh Marshall and his Talking Points Memo empire, it's safe to say that he is known more for his political acumen and news judgment than for his prose style. But every once in a while he knocks the ball out of the park:
As you may know, the McCain campaign has just put out a web video called "Obama Love," a mash-up of clips of various TV commentators gushing over Obama. But let's remember we've all seen the McCain Love video. It's called watching the last dozen years of political television. Indeed, the political press's reckless and giddy love for McCain is so universally acknowledged that McCain himself has often joked about the press as his "base." So what do we have here but a candidate who can't brook the idea of not campaigning on a wave of press adulation? And now he's framing his whole candidacy around a campaign of strategic whining about the claim that the political press is treating his younger opponent like he's been treated for over a decade. He's got the preening and envy of a sore losing runner-up for prom queen.

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