Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Heart of Redness

As part of Roger Ailes' commitment to provide its readers with the finest campaign coverage on the internet, your humble correspondent will take a trip at the end of the month to one of the reddest states in America. There, I will take the pulse of Bush/McCain dead-enders who hope to retain the Chateau Blanc. I will be reporting from the safety of a Blue Zone, and will employ a cadre of armed guards and press sycophants, Saint John-style, should I venture out to any shopping malls or flea markets for phoney photo-ops with carefully-vetted natives. If and when I return safely, I will post exciting dispatches about my exploits.

Due to recent layoffs, however, this blog will have to go dark while my investigation is underway. Fortunately, readers will not be able to differentiate this trip from all the other times when I just couldn't be bothered to post for a week. Nevertheless, if anyone cares to blog-sit in my absence, drop me a line at the address and I'll be happy to hand you the keys.

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