Friday, July 18, 2008

Introductions Are In Order

I'm not, Larry, Scott, or Charles, but I have been invited to blog.

Ron. Pleased to meet the Ailes gang.

I'm still an active duty soldier in the Army, so if you want to know what Iraq was like, feel free to ask.

The Shi'a are gracious and nice people. I did not meet any Sunnis. Based on what I know about Islam, I imagine they are no different. I find Islam to be the second most kind religion on the globe. I've read the Koran. Allah is kind of a dick, but he obviously has done some good in teaching Arabs modesty and humility...hospitality and mercy. If only the Christians actually listened to their Christ.

Hm. I don't want to come across too seriously. I have a decent wit, just not today. I promise I will provide some marginally spotty snark as befits this blog. I'm a Blog-City blogger, so I am doomed to obscurity-that's why I'm glad Roger let me post. I have posted previously on Grouchy's Liberaltopia, and that's the extent of my resume. Well, there was one time when skippy the bush kangaroo was very helpful with a few links, and I was a major antagonist in the KT Cat flareup. In case you are unfamiliar with this dustup, KT said that statistically speaking, blacks have destroyed society at the molecular level. Alicublog pounced, and the rest is insignifcant blog history.

Thanks for letting me in the door, Roger, and I hope that everyone has a little fun while Roger is away. I promise, lighthearted snark is on the menu. I may not have Roger's depth of sarcasm and reference, but I'll do the best I can. Let the colosseum bay and clamor as they may!

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