Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope

I imagine most of the wingnuts have their cursor poised over the "Publish" button, ready to post some insipid doggerel at the moment of Mr. Wojtyla's passing. I believe there even was some premature eulogization when Faux News jumped the gun on news of the pontiff's demise.

The Pope's views on Bush's war against Iraq will not be recalled in those quarters, I expect.

Let me offer part of a hymn which seems right for the occasion:

Though devils all the world should fill,
All eager to devour us.
We tremble not, we fear no ill,
They shall not overpower us.
This world's prince may still
Scowl fierce as he will,
He can harm us none,
He's judged; the deed is done;
One little word can fell him.

The Word they still shall let remain
nor any thanks have for it;
He's by our side upon the plain
With His good gifts and Spirit.
And take they our life,
Goods, fame, child and wife,
Let these all be gone,
They yet have nothing won;
The Kingdom our remaineth.

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