Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Andrew Sullivan Decade and a Half, Part I: Genocide Is Painless

As Andy Sully spends the next few months blogging about his retirement from blogging, let's review some of the deeply rational thoughts he'll be withholding from us:

From Time Magazine, August 2006:
There is something terribly sick within the Muslim mind at this moment in history. It is Nietzsche's ressentiment, but with God re-attached. We should indeed fear these people for the hideous carnage they can wreak for the sake of their God. But we should never let our fear overwhelm our contempt for them - their sickness, their evil, their petty insecurities, their inability to live meaningful lives and their attempt to assuage this by murdering others in God's name. Yes, they evil [sic]. But they are also pathetic, miserable excuses for human beings.

This is the mind of a man -- because each human being has her or his own mind -- who believes (whether he admits it or not) that the only thing wrong with ISIS is that its members don't kill themselves after they slaughter every Muslim living.


Susan of Texas said...

If you substituted Sully for Muslim it still works.

LT said...


LT said...

Your Time link on the 2006 post is broke.

And Sully's response at the time to angry rebuttal was just as ugly, and twistingly so:

"I did not write that Islam was sick. I did not write that all Muslims were psychologically sick. I have often printed and published emails and articles from sane and devout Muslims. I have great respect for Islam at its best. But something is sick within the Muslim mind at this moment in time, and it is not Islamophobic to say so. The major source of the mass murder and threat of mass murder in the world right now is rooted in Islam. It is waged in the name of Islam; it is justified by reference to Islam; it is a fundamentally religious movement."


Roger said...

I think the link is permanently dead. Sully used to take his blog archives with him when he left a publication, if memory serves (and it rarely does these days).

LT said...

Yeah, other sites' links to it are dead as well.