Thursday, February 19, 2015

Buh-Bye O'Reilly

This story will never go anywhere if O'Reilly is smart enough to keep his trap shut.  If O'Reilly says nothing, his silence will confirm the truth but he'll never be challenged.  If he's stupid enough to open his yap and repeat his lies today, he may actually hang himself.  

But he's not stupid. 

In the past, O'Reilly lied about his sexual predation, paid millions to silence his victim (and probably paid FOX's legal costs too) and FOX just rode it out.  

The predator will keep quiet, and his apologists will too, because they know O'Reilly won't back them up if they vouch for the scumbag. Howard Kurtz likely has already made an orange jumpsuited appearance in the fat man's office, on his knees, promising that he won't say shit.

Pre-Posting Update:  I'm completely wrong. O'Reilly really is that stupid.


Montag said...

Well, of course O'Really is that stupid. His entire history in broadcasting confirms that.

leap said...

Oh come on, O'Reiily ain't going anywhere because he lied. He's a Republican and IOKIYAR, PLUS he is a premier Faux Noose blather mouth.

Davis said...

Lying will not get to fired at Fox. If Fox had
standards, it would not exist.

Roger said...

Howie Kurtz is lying as fast as he can, but CNN has done some more reporting which confirms and expands on the original. There's still a slim possibility that Dill'O's doubling down will bite him in the ass.

Professor Chaos said...
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Professor Chaos said...

It doesn't matter if O'Reillys lies are exposed. His audience won't ever know it, because they never watch or read any news outside of the FOX/Limbaugh bubble. And if they do hear anything, they'll pass it off as "liberal media bias." As long as his ratings don't decline, BillO ain't going anywhere!