Friday, February 13, 2015

Republican Family Values: Three Tons of Some Edition

"But [Rep. Blake] Farenthold [(R-TX)] did admit that he was propositioned by a woman to be part of a 'threesome.'”
The proposed threesome involved Farenthold, the woman and a wafer-thin mint. Or, more realistically, the woman proposed a threesome between Farenthold, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee.

Representative Farenthold is being sued for gender discrimination in an action alleging sex sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Of course his response included a dubious attestation as to his sexual attractiveness.

1 comment:

Montag said...

If there's anything to this business of "his sexual attractiveness," I suspect it's of the "kiss a frog" variety.

Except in Farenthold's case, there's no prince hiding in there, just a fat, lecherous asshole.

I do hope this bozo is giving Sissy Farenthold serial face-palms. And, I hope she knows now never to endorse a Republican again, even if that Republican is her step-grandson.