Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rods and Sods

Dim-bulb Rod Dreher sniffs:
Clarence Thomas tells the truth:  a majority of the US Supreme Court has probably made up its mind already on gay marriage, before they hear the first oral argument.
Leave aside the fact that in 95-plus percent of cases, federal appellate judges have made up their minds before hearing oral argument.  Ignore Roddy's grammatical incompetence. The fact is that the justices who have already made up their minds on marriage equality include Pubes Thomas, Fat Tony Scalia and Sammy "The Bullshit" Alito. 

What really chaps Roddy's ass, and not in the good way, like his daddy used to, is not prejudgment.  No, it's his belief that a majority of justices believe equal protection means equal protection. He's not bent out of shape that Scalia waived his "Constitution Hates Fags" placard twelve years ago.  He's just sore that his privilege might no longer be enshrined in law.

Rod's already got his hammer out so he can be the first to nail himself to his cross if the decision doesn't go his way.  


Susan of Texas said...

Now he's telling us transgender people are faking it or something.

Dreher's like a lot of guys who grew up in poor, rural Texas and Louisiana. They were bright-ish men who didn't want to work but were facile talkers and they became preachers, relentlessly stirring up the flock to keep the tithing going. Grifters gotta grift.

Montag said...

Like most rock-ribbed reactionaries, Dreher's most prominent skill is whining.

He knows that Thomas and Scalia and Alito (and Roberts) are little more than rank ideologues who have already proven that, time and again, the law be damned, but the fact that they may not prevail on this issue sends Dreher into paroxysms of whining "not fair," as if oral argument is the only thing that matters in the case and the previous case law and decisions at the district and appellate levels are just so much detritus in the way of preserving his retrograde view of the world.

I still find it funny that he thinks pimping for Clarence Fucking Thomas is honorable work.