Monday, February 23, 2015

Schock and Massage

I'm schocked... schocked! to see that the G.O.P. is using rubbin' as a 'raiser:
The donor planes include an Italian-made Piaggio twin-engine turboprop owned by Todd Green of Springfield, Illinois, who runs car dealerships in [Representative Aaron] Schock's [(R-IL)] district with his brother, Jeff. Todd Green told a Springfield newspaper that Jeff - a pilot and campaign contributor - and Schock have been friends for a long time.
The AP found that Green's plane traveled to at least eight cities last October in the Midwest and East Coast, cities where Schock met with political candidates ahead of the midterm elections. His Instagram account's location data and information from the service FlightAware even pinpointed Schock's location on a stretch of road near one airport before Green's plane departed.
Campaign records show a $12,560 expense later that month to Jeff Green from a political action committee associated with Schock, called the "GOP Generation Y Fund." That same month, the PAC paid $1,440 to massage parlor [sic] for a fundraising event.
There are at least fifty rub joints in Peoria, according to Yelp. Prices generally range from $20 for a chair massage to $125 for a full hour's rubbin', tip not included. So anywhere from 10 to 72 constituents got the glad-hand treatment in exchange for raisin' green to fill Schock's coffers.

Whether this story has a happy ending is anyone's guess.

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