Sunday, January 03, 2010

Saddleback Mountin'

Confirmation that the easiest way to shear the flock is to have a really stupid flock:

Rick Warren says 'radical generosity' is behind the $2.4 million in donations netted by the church in just a few days.

The Purpose Driven author issued an "urgent" plea last week to raise $900,000 in just 48 hours so that his California church, Saddleback, could end 2009 debt-free.

To the cheers of the congregation, Warren announced at Saturday night's service that $2.4 million in donations had so far come in via the web and in envelopes dropped off at the megachurch as a result of the appeal. The total does not include mailed donations, he said.

Warren praised the congregation for their spirit of giving, as he read out letters from donors who had given beyond their means.

"This is pretty amazing," said Warren. "That's a record. I don't think any church has gotten a cash offering like that off a letter.

"We're starting the new decade with a surplus.

"It came from thousands of thousands of ordinary people. There was not one big fat cat."

Warren said, then licked his paw and took a dump in a litter box.

By an amazing coincidence, we at the Roger Ailes blog Ministries need to raise $900,000 to end January 2010 debt-free. Give 'til it hurts, and let next month's rent take care of itself.

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