Sunday, January 03, 2010

National Review Cruise

Ship of Z-List Fools

Check out this No-Star Lineup for May 2010's National Review Cruise:

Michael Mukasey
U.S. Attorney General

William McGurn
Wall Street Journal columnist, chief speechwriter for President Bush

Daniel Hannan
Conservative leader of European Parliament

Charles Kesler
Conservative scholar, editor of Claremont Review of Books

Sally Pipes
President and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Bing West
Terrorism and military expert

Kathryn Lopez
National Review Online Editor

Kevin Williamson
National Review Deputy Managing Editor

Kate O' Beirne
National Review Institute President

Cruising with Sally Pipes and William McGurn. Now that's a dream come true. The biggest name is a placeholder brought in to clean up cover up Abu Gonzales' mess.

I suspect the dearth of genetic males from the National Review staff and The Corner on the passenger list is due to recent events involving overseas flights. Not even a free cruise and twenty all-you-can-eat buffets can entice those cowards to enlist as reserves in the War on Terror. The Out to Sea crowd will be hopping mad when they learn they're left with K-Lo and Snagglepuss as candidates for shipboard romance.

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