Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love Sarah Palin, Therefore I Infantilize Her

Oly Olafson, G.O.P. Queenmaker, explains why he's allowed to criticize Sharia Plain, and you're not:

But I also get that there are Republicans who like — even love — Sarah Palin who think some of her handlers might not give her the best of advice or think she should or should not do one thing or another. And i’m finding, both from personal experience and the experience of friends, that when those points are brought up, the person raising the point is often inappropriately attacked as a Palin hater.

Sometimes, yeah. But most times, no. I get that there are people who read RedState and comment here who do not like Palin. And I get that there are people here who love her. Put me on that side. But I also get that there are people who have concerns and get really pathetically attacked for voicing those concerns.

Just consider the reaction to this post I wrote about Palin going to the Tea Party Convention. I did not write it intending at all to be critical of Sarah Palin. In fact, I wrote it hoping her handlers might take some notice and reconsider. That Governor Palin has now publicly said the money is going to the fight really ameliorates the situation.

(No link to Thor Thorsen. The rest of it is pathetic name-dropping.)

The back story is that Wally Walrusson slammed Sharia for headlining the $500-a-ticket Teabag Convention without putting his name on the V.I.P. afterparty list. Sven's fellow Palinists accused him of having double plus ungood thoughts about their Glorious Leader, and demanded a show trial. To appease the rabble, Lars has to explain that he has a duty to criticize Palin because he really, really loves her.

Accordingly, it is perfectly acceptable for Bjorn portray Palin as a victim of her "handlers," without acknowledging that someone who needs handlers, presumably selected those handlers, and isn't bright enough to recognize that she's ill-served by her chosen handlers isn't a particularly good candidate for "federal office" or leader of a movement.

I'm sure Erick truly believes that if he was allowed to handle Sarah Palin, her future would be limitless. Based on Erick's own words, I'm even more confident that Erick's "love" of Sarah is the same type of love he would feel for a special needs child whose disability payments he controlled.

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