Thursday, January 07, 2010

Little Drudge's third website, Big Girl's Blouse, has finally floated to the surface. This one purports to cover the press, and features such Howard Kurtz-level journos (and I mean that) as "E.V. Bone," Alicia Colon, and a person pretending to be a dog.

The opening post involves Dimbart acknowledging that his other site, Big Gumbmint, makes shit up and that he really doesn't care about accuracy or the truth. It's nice that he set the standard upfront.

The site should be good for a few laughs. but we don't know how many more "Big" sites Dimbart can populate when he's already scrapped the bottom of the sewer with Patterico and Gutfeld. Unless he can lure Mickey Kaus from Slate, there's no lower to go to.

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