Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cruise vs. Cruise

Those of you with only seven thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket will find it hard to choose between the National Review Benchwarmers' Cruise (see below) and Commentary's Cruise with the Jews.


John Podhoretz

Elliott Abrams

Bret Stephens

Andrew Roberts
England's leading historian of World War II (!)

Michael Medved

Jennifer Rubin

Norman Podhoretz

Midge Decter

Lest you think I am playing up the Jewish element of the Commentary cruise, read on:

Are Kosher meals available...

Strict (Glatt) Kosher always available:

RSSC cannot prepare Strict kosher meals onboard. It is important to inform the guests that Strict Kosher meals will always be pre-prepared and provided by an outside vendor. The meals are purchased frozen and shipped to the vessel.

If the guest does observe Strict (Glatt) Kosher, please inform the guest that the vessels will always have limited quantities of the following Kosher dishes on inventory.

Kosher meals prepared by Weberman of Miami, FL.


Will there be a shabbat service...

Michael Medved will lead a shabbat service for the Commentary Cruise group.

Michael Medved will also host a retrospective of Mel Gibson films.

But don't worry, this is a Cruise of Ideas!

The First Annual Commentary Conference of Ideas will bring together our guest writers, thinkers, and scholars with opinion leaders like you from across the nation and the world to discuss dramatic and frightening changes inside the United States and around the world since the election of Barack Obama-how to view them, how to reply to them, how to combat them, and what the elections of 2010 and 2012 portend.

The existential threat to Israel; the new administration's accommodationist approach to world politics; the dangers of premature exits from Iraq and Afghanistan; the threats to American freedoms from aggressive new legislation on Capitol Hill; and the worshipful embrace of the current leadership from the cultural doyens of Washington and the art world; these will be just some of the matters we will discuss.

Not to mention a reenactment of Willy Kristol's discovery of Sarah Palin on a similar cruise in 2006.

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