Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spinal Crap

Gee, I hope I'm the first to say that.

New Republicans, here is your man of principle (and very little interest):

I am a friend of Scooter Libby. But I do not like his boss. And I do not like his boss's wife. I know this get's me no credit with the all-or-nothing crowd. Still, I like Scooter, who is quite brilliant, very honest, and brave. Also funny. I've contributed to The Libby Legal Defense Fund and have joined the fund's advisory committee, which is not large because in Washington old pals dessert when even their college roommate gets into trouble. In a time when self-styled civil libertarians are giving money to defend Muslim terrorists, I am happy to help defend an American patriot, some of whose politics I do not share and some of whose politics I do, from a cynical onslaught of the special prosecutor who put journalists into jail for not telling him what he already knew.

Marty, it takes no spine to tell a lie. Or many of them.

And hire a senior editor who knows spelling and punctuation, you git.

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