Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brendan Nyhan -- Imbecile or Fruitcake?

Has the American Prospect joined TNR in a race to the bottom? They can't be paying Nyhan for this sort of crap:

Sadly, it looks like liberal books are moving in the same direction.


That is one annoying and offensive title. Coulter is not "brainless" -- she's obviously very intelligent, and has successfully pandered her way to millions of dollars. In addition, "brainless" and "lunacy" implicitly reference cultural stereotypes of women as dumb or crazy.

Oh no, you can't criticize a woman for her stupidity because others stereotype all women as stupid. (Ann Althouse is mouth-breathing a huge sigh of relief right now.) And who exactly is stereotyping all women as crazy? The closest comparison I can think of is Ann Coulter, Kate O'Beirne, Phyllis Schlafly and their ilk, who stereotype all non-right wing women as insane (and as self-loathing lesbian sluts, among other things).

This whole "criticizing everyone equally" schtick is as tired as the phoney-baloney civility routine. Ridicule is too good for the likes of Coulter. Taking her seriously gives her credibility she doesn't deserve. Just like taking Nyhan seriously.

p.s. to Brendan -- The Duke lacrosse team needs a new towel boy and p.r. flack. Play to your strengths.

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