Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Royalties, Plenty of Maggots

Speaking of books best left in the loo, the late, unlamented Sam Francis has posthumously published a book deserving a prominent place submerged in the crapper. Among those plaudits from Francis' racist and, unfortunately, breathing friends is this gem:

"When I think of Sam Francis and Shots Fired, I think of what was said about his fellow Tennessean, General Bedford Forrest: 'He bought a one-way ticket to the war.' That means that Forrest, once committed to a good cause -- the defense of his people -- devoted his all to the cause and never looked back. Such a man was Sam Francis." -- Clyde N. Wilson, Professor of History, University of South Carolina

Comparing Francis favorably to a founder of the Klan, war criminal and anti-American traitor -- that's high praise indeed. (By the way, why isn't this ignorant USC cracker getting the Ward Churchill treatment?)

Other bigots praising the corpse include Fran Coombs, head Kleagle of the Moonie Times, and some other douchebag who credits Francis with "exposing Rosa Parks as a professional agitator planted on her famous bus by a pinko training school in Tennessee...." It also appears that Basic Cable's Most Beloved Racist(tm), Pat Buchanan, wrote an intro or foward to the book.

This world became a slightly better place when Francis left it, and it will improve by a much greater margin when all of those who endorse Francis' book return to their highest and best use, as worm shit.

(Link via John Gorenfeld's WIWDCIRM?)

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