Friday, September 01, 2006

Doctor? This Is John Hinderaker. I Need An Emergency Refill On My Levitra. RIGHT NOW!

Poor Johnny Assrocket. The presence of a Muslim contestant in the Miss World pageant has turned John's tossing towel into a crying towel, and his corndog may never rise again. Says the 'Rocket:

"You may be unaware that the Miss World pageant is coming up next month. The finale will be in Poland at the end of September; the Miss World web site is taking shape.

"Normally, this would be a source of unalloyed pleasure. This year, though, politics has intruded."

It seems the Brits have nominated a Miss England whose dusky hue and refusal to be silent have offended the Minnesotan wanker. Hinderaker only likes women who pass the Warren Jeffs test.

(No link to the PowerLine.)

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