Friday, April 21, 2006

Steno Sue and Mimeo Mike

Amazing. You can win a Pulitzer for reporting a story you don't know the first thing about:

From the April 19 edition of Q&A:
SCHMIDT: Well, that's, you know -- I think that some of the elected officials don't know how far this thing goes in their own parties, both Republican and Democrat. The Democrats have not been -- a few have been sort out there strident about it. But there's a deafening silence on the part of a lot of people, and that's because, actually, Abramoff had -- was giving a lot of money to Democrats, too.

Given that we've already been through this with Steno's vulgarian pal, Li'l Debbie Howl, this can't be passed off as a slip of the tongue. Not even Bush is that inarticulate.

Meanwhile, Michael Crowley is choking on the bile of his stunning ignorance:

It would seem the Pulitzer committee missed the memo from the liberal blogosphere that Washington Post reporter Susan Schmidt is a GOP-allied "stenographer." (But then, we always knew Rove and Mehlman are really behind the Pulitzers.) Congratulations to Schmidt and her colleagues James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith for a richly-deserved prize that should more than compensate for the stunning bile thrown at them (mostly Schmidt) of late.

UPDATE: I don't know whether it's hilarious or just tediously predictable that the Daily Kos post on the Pulitzers churlishly fails to mention the Washington Post reporters who helped to drum Tom DeLay out of Congress and may wind up contributing to actual jail sentences for various other GOP congressmen. (And if Schmidt's Pulitzer is just further evidence of the MSM's bankruptcy, then what are the Nick Kristof, Dana Priest, and James Risen awards doing in there? Give it up Schmidt-bashers: You've been routed. The bugle's playing "Taps.")

--Michael Crowley

Give it up, Schmidt-licker. The bugle's playing "Hacks."

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