Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short Takes


Question: How do you tell a wingnut blogger from a fanboy?

Answer: Why bother?

From some dimwit not worth linking to:

"What better way to reign [sic] in the White House Press Corps than to install Jack Bauer as Press Secretary? Let's see if David Gregory has the guts to ask Jack Bauer about 'sloppy seconds'. Imagine Jack Bauer trying to sit still while Helen Thomas goes on one of her diatribes."

Boy, if George Bush was Batman, Osama would be laughing out of the other side of his mouth!


Speaking of Illiterates

Roger el-Simon's got loads of 'em working at his money laundering operation Depends Media blog. Witness the following:

"Eugene Volokh writes about public charter school in Nevada who is really unhappy over a cultural competition about memorizing and reciting great poems that one of its students is winning his way up. Yes, winning."

Yes, mentally handicapped.


Tiffany Midgeson, Queen of The Junior Jumble


That's the baby's name. Wonder how they came up with that unusual first name? Chop the C and the E off Cruise and do a little jumble with the letters. Tom Cruise is a FREAK."
And if you leave the P and TZ off of Tiffany, you've still got an Od Hore.


Brit Hume: Unstable Lunatic

Even Howie the Putz, in his latest Faux News puff'n'blow, acknowledges Hume is mentally unbalanced:

"[Hume] can be withering in his comments to young staffers, say those who know him, and has a strong temper, once throwing a pitcher of half-frozen orange juice against the wall. But, they say, his flashes of anger quickly pass."

p.s. to Howie the Putz: You should've asked Spume why he supposedly regrets being a gay-bashing bigot.

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