Friday, April 07, 2006

Books from Bigots

Thomas Nelson, a purported Christian publisher, has published Donkey Cons, the work of Neo-Klan shitheel Robt. Stacy McCain. Here's how one peabrain, Jason Mattera, reviewed it on Amazon:

Impeccably researched, with over 600 notes, DONKEY CONS credibly proves its point that the Democrat Party is thoroughly corrupt and always has been. Beginning with fugitive, and former vice president Aaron Burr, this book details how the founders of what would become the Democrat Party were corrupt, then chronicles how that corruption became a trademark of the party in the ensuing centuries. McCain and Vincent argue that the fundamental difference between America's political parties is that when a Republican commits a crime he resigns in disgrace, but when a Democrat commits a crime, he never faces punishment and typically becomes a national icon of the party, to boot! Starting in the 1700s and finishing with the Abramoff scandal, DONKEY CONS exposes the Democrat Party's corruption, immorality, and hypocrisy.

Sorry, Jason. McCain's own paper, the Moonie Times, says the lying shit's full of himself on that one:

When recounting the scandal of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, the authors erroneously talk about the money that "Abramoff and friends' donated to Democratic Party committees. While Abramoff did tell others to give money to Democrats, he never contributed money himself to the party.

Who's McCain's source on that, Deborah Howell? With bald-faced lies like that, it sounds like McCain has footnoted 600 lies.

(By the way, Jason's such a little turd that Chinless Ed Gillespie wants him flushed.)

So far McCain's stooges have provided most of the Amazon reviews, but one person isn't drinking the KKKool-aid:

In any event, she [sic] omits discussion on the worst Mayor (GOP, Dick Murphy, San Diego, who bankrupted the city), worst US Rep (Duke Cunningham, GOP, also San Diego, highest bribes, now in leg irons in jail), worst Senator (Josephy McCarthy, GOP Wisconsin, a drunkard and deranged), worst cabinet member (Jospeh McFall, Teapot Dome scandal, sold US Oil Reserves during GOP Coolidge Administration), and Richard Nixon (GOP, Orange County, criminal) and soon to come, George W. Bush ( from where else, Texas).

From the blurb, it appears that McCain avoids discussing the truly shameful portion of the Democrats' past, namely, its history in the South as a whites-only party. (The party's transformation is undoubtedly what irks McKlan the most -- the party left him.)

It will be interesting to see whether this book gets any reviews in the legitmate press, and whether those reviews will address McCain's bigotry head-on. Equally interesting will be seeing who embraces the bigot from the right.

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