Friday, April 07, 2006

Fact Check Your Ass

Reason's Matt Welch on wingnuttia's favorite self-admitted slanderer (more fun here):

Michelle Malkin, to name one writer revered by warbloggers (her site recently won Best Blog in an annual poll organized by, is to critical thinking what Ralph Nader is to libertarianism -- a very good example of the opposite. The basic scholarship of her 2004 book In Defense of Internment was cut to ribbons by Japanese-internment historian Eric L. Muller (see "Indefensible Internment," December 2004), yet many of the same people who once trumpeted bloggers' ability to "fact-check your ass" simply shrugged, continued treating Malkin as a trustworthy source, and saved their real journalism criticism for those partisan hacks at CBS News and The New York Times.

This just in -- Joel Henry Hinrichs still is not an Islamojihadofascist.

Welch also takes the pulse of an elderly, incontinent hack who remains (in Welch's column) nameless:

Indeed, someone did tap into Reynolds (and Malkin, and 70 other high-profile bloggers), in the $3.5 million, pro-War on Terror collective known as Pajamas Media. But rather than blaze some new trail, the company stumbled badly out of the gate late last year, with a site chock full of wretched grammar, incoherent design (including an embarrassing name change from "Open Source Media," after a different "Open Source Media" protested), and much wince-inducing wannabe-journalist jargon, such as "compiled by OSM staff in Barcelona."

This just in -- Larry Franklin still a convicted traitor.

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