Sunday, April 23, 2006

Condoleeakker Rice

Here's a bit of cheery news you won't read at The Corner or on Depends Media -- Condi Rice is finally going to be placed under oath:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Lawyers for two lobbyists accused of conspiring to obtain secret defense information said Friday that they intended to prove that senior administration officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, provided the lobbyists with some of the sensitive information.

Ratcheting up their defense against espionage charges, the lawyers, representing former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, got tentative clearance from U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III to subpoena Rice and three other officials in the case.


At a hearing Friday, Abbe Lowell, the lawyer for former AIPAC employee Steven J. Rosen, said the testimony of Rice and the other officials was necessary to show that they also had disclosed sensitive information and that some of the disclosures at the crux of the indictments might have been authorized.

Each of the officials "has real-life dealings with the defendants in this case. They'll explain what they told Dr. Rosen in detail," Lowell said. "Day One - Rice tells him certain information. Day Two - [someone else named in the indictment] tells him the same thing" or similar information.

Day Three: Condi is indicted for leaking confidential information to AIPAC.

Day Four: Wingnut blogosphere says leaking is okay again, except when it isn't.

Remember, Condi: It's never the war crimes, it's the coverup.

(Link via Political Animal.)

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