Wednesday, March 08, 2006


John Podhoretz fluffing Lorne Michaels:

A new sitcom premiered tonight on ABC called "Sons and Daughters," and judging from the two episodes shown, it could end up being the best network comedy since "Seinfeld." Clever, screamingly funny, as merciless at moments as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but surprisingly touching at other moments, "Sons and Daughters" is made in a most unusual way. As is the case with "Curb," the cast improvises the dialogue. But the show actually films for 14 hours and the directors then pick and choose the best lines and moments from dozens of improvs -- an inspired use of improvisation, which is brilliant at moments and agonizing at others. Eliminate the agony and you can have sheer joy. Very exciting stuff. Watch it.

I wonder why. (Actually, I don't.)

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