Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogging As A Second Language

Although no one at all seems to care, Depends Media is still around.

A post today from "PJM in LA" has Roger el-Simon's writing written all over it:

During his review on Harvey C. Mansfield's Manliness, Yale at Horsefeathers recall a time when American society didn't have to think over masculinity too strenuously.

The post bears the illuminating title "Weight of the World."

Sadly, Depends doesn't have a permalinks to individual posts (a ridicule deterrent, undoubtedly); look for March 28 at 9:30 a.m. (Wrong! See comments.)

Other highlights from today's Depends: Cathy Seipp recaps her pissing match with various other half-wits in the comments at "Patterico's Pontifications," and "Confederate Yankee" bitches about how the New York Times wrote about a blogger without linking to the guy's blog. (Though the NYT does manage to spell the guy's name correctly, unlike Confederate Yankee at his own blog.)

As Dick Cheney would say, "the Old Media is in its last throes."

Update: Roger gets results! They've added an "s" to "recall." Otherwise, the sentence remains subliterate.

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