Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bitch Set Himself Up

Red Sonja's already making excuses for calling Coretta Scott King a Communist.

You know, just like those bloodthirsty Commies in Bendover's favorite action fantasy, Red Dawn.

Taking a page from Debbie Howell, the little prick claims his slander was simply a "mistake."


What you said, you little prick, was wrong.

Despicable. Contempible. Inexcusable.

But it definitely was not a mistake.

It was a slander, although you conveniently waited until Mrs. King was dead to avoid the consequences publishing such a slander.

A mistake is when you do something inadvertently, without thinking. Your slander of Mrs. King was premediated, cold and calculated. You were showing off to your pale pals in the Right to White Life movement.

You'd do it again, you snivelling shit, if you didn't have a paycheck to protect.

You can run, but you can't lie convincingly.

The only question remaining is whether the Washington Post will continue to endorse your Klanish slanders.

For more on the white-hooded Red American, read Jane Hamsher and Steve Gilliard. And, per Gilliard's link to Howie the Putz, isn't it about time for Kurtz to convene a roundtable of Instacracker, Hindraker, Hugh Hewjass and Jeff Jarvis (for balance!) to condemn the treachery of the left blogosphere on this matter?

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