Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Weblogs of The Rich and Heinous

Did you know that Lawrence "Cokie" Kudlow has a blog, called Money Politic$? It's a freebie Blogspot blog, so I guess Kudlow isn't doing as well as we think.

Maybe he's still paying off his blow bill. Or maybe he's just a cheap mofo.

In his latest entry, CNBC's Nose-Candy Crowley applauds the verdict of the Ebbers jury:

Free market capitalism must be based on the rule of law. By enforcing the law, the twelve Ebber's [sic] jurors did far more for honest accounting and healthy, functioning markets than thousands of regulatory pages, such as the onerous Sarbanes Oxley.

(The rules of punctuation are optional.)

But if Kudlow really believed in the rule of law, wouldn't he be cleaning toilets at his halfway house right now, instead of blogging?

I'm excited about this celebrity blogging trend though: First, Sam Francis, before his superior genes failed him, and now Kudlow. If anyone spots other semi-famous hacks expanding their empires into the blogging arts, please send the link along.

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