Saturday, March 05, 2005

Grand Old Police Blotter: Dick's No Cheney Edition

It's been a while since we visited with our friend, the G.O.P. superstud and Christian philanthrope, Dick Dasen, Snr., age 62.

Here, the Daily Inter Lake brings us some highlights of the prosecution's case against Dick:

In a document filed Monday, [D.A. Dan Guzynski] lays out more testimony he plans to introduce.

He will call one woman who will testify that Dasen told her he would give her $1,000 per week, provide her with schooling, a car and a business, as long as she provided him with sex. He also told her that he would pay her if she brought friends who would have sex with Dasen to him. The document lists seven such women she introduced to him.

Another woman will testify that she engaged in sex with Dasen for money and that she brought a woman to meet him so he would pay more money. She will also testify that the woman she introduced to Dasen alleged that he choked her during the sexual encounter.

A third woman will testify that she introduced an acquaintance to Dasen, who said he would pay more to see them together.

Also, Guzynski will introduce at trial a police interview with Dasen in which he allegedly named 11 women he had sex with and was paying money to. Checks will be exhibited for all of the women.

Dasen is not specifically charged with the acts named in the document, but Guzynski said those acts are part of the overall body of evidence in the case.

The actual charges against Dasen involve "prostitution, promotion of prostitution, aggravated promotion of prostitution, sexual intercourse without consent and sexual abuse of children."

Love, Red-State Style!

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