Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bug Juice

Watch out, George Will. There's a new jocksniffer in town -- Townhall, that is. guest sports columnist Ak'Bar Shabazz waxes eloquent on the National Pastime, 'Roids, Federalism and the Tenth Amendment:

"As an avid sports fan and a true conservative, I detest Congress' intrusion in this arena. I'm sure that Bug Selig and other sporting commissioner and their fans feel the same way. The last thing that sports needs is a congressional official running on a football field to throw a flag or some Senator calling the press box during a game to call a penalty. Sports are entertainment. It is a sacred cow that doesn't require government manipulation.

"This is not China or Cold War Russia. Government doesn't belong in sports. Subpoenaing athletes, swearing them in and forcing them to testify at their kangaroo hearings do the public no good. It only serves the egos of media starved politicians. Congress should be concerned with more meaningful changes and let the public decide what they want to watch."


We can only hope Mr. Shabazz is able to pen more paeans to free enterprise before his fellow Clownhallers, Michelle Malkin, John Leo, Mona Charen and Frank Gaffney, demand his transportation to Gitmo and subsequent fatal sodomization. Or, in light of the last sentence, before el-Brent Bozell does the job himself.

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