Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Another Victim of the Bush Economy

Why is that a journalist as gifted as James Guckert can't find a job?

Isn't Faux News hiring? Doesn't the Moonie Times have a spot for a Republican with national reporting experience? MSNBC couldn't sink any lower in the ratings if it started the Tucker/Guckert News Hour. Why isn't NewsMax or AIM offering our boy a column or a fellowship? Why won't CBN help a brother out?

Instacracker and Powerline aren't even linking to Guckert's blog. (Although maybe they're the "highly-paid legal team" Guckert brags about at his site. If Guckert's unemployed, is he paying his legal team in trade?) Perhaps WizBang could loan Guckert his blog name so James can start a new dating service.

It's shameful how the right turns its back on one of its own.

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