Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Matter With Hairless Hacks (Repubs)

Republican hack Mickey Kaus once again demonstrates his irrational, all-consuming hatred of the Democratic Party in the following post:

The Matter With Kansas (Dems): From Lawrence Journal-World account of DNC chair Howard Dean's visit to Kansas:

"This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

--Howard Dean

"I feel like he could have gone even stronger with his language."

--Katherine Dessert, a student and preschool teacher in the audience.

P.S.: Does Dean now come with such built-in expectations in the Righteous Anti-GOP Fury department that he inevitably fails to meet them, with the result that he is actually unable to rally the hard-core faithful he supposedly had the unique ability to rally? ... [Via Polipundit] Update/Correction: There were two Dean speeches. Dean made the "evil" remark at a closed fundraiser, while Dessert was responding to Dean's speech at a larger, more public event. ... 11:40 P.M.

Kaus is willing to attack anyone who doesn't drink the Bush Kool-Aid, even by misrepresenting their opinions. And note the weaselly "Update." The friggin' article makes it abundantly clear which speech Dessert was commenting on. There was no new information for Kaus to "update" -- he was simply wrong. Either Kaus is brain-dead or he deliberately misrepresented Dessert's statement.

Or both.

It's not even clear that Dessert is a Dem. She's quoted on the same page as saying: "This is sort of a problem I have between Democrats and Republicans: the constant language that the other side is wrong. I don't think that kind of language or approach is very effective." Hardly a rabid GOP hater.

Just imagine what kind of foul thoughts Kaus has about a real Dean supporter such as Sarah Stacey, 21, Kansas University student.

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