Sunday, January 16, 2005

Springtime For Thatcher

You may have read about the worthless British aristo who dressed as a Nazi at a fancy dress party and was forced to apologize.

You may not have read about the worthless British aristo who tried to emulate the Nazis and was convicted of attempting to overthrow a foreign government through violent means:

Sir Mark Thatcher has left South Africa after pleading guilty over his involvement in an alleged coup plot in Equatorial Guinea.

The son of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was fined the equivalent of US$500,000 ([265,000 pounds]) and given a four-year suspended jail term.

Sir Mark, who denies any knowledge of the plot, agreed a plea bargain and will now co-operate with investigators.


Sir Mark admitted breaking anti-mercenary legislation in South Africa by agreeing to finance a helicopter.

The businessman said he did not initially know the helicopter's alleged purpose - that it was to be used in the alleged coup attempt, instead believing it was to be used as an air ambulance.

But in his plea bargain statement, Sir Mark says he came to realise the helicopter was to be used for mercenary activities before the deal was finalised.

And here's the real question: Why is the Bush Administration allowing this terrorist into the United States?

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