Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bitter Newt

David Corn reports that Faux News Analcyst Newt Gingrich not only dumped his first wife when he learned she had cancer, but also dumped his second wife when he found out she might have multiple sclerosis.

Marianne's lawyer said Newt knew in September 1998 - eight months before he notified her that he was ditching her - that Marianne had been diagnosed with a neurological condition that might be a "forerunner of multiple sclerosis," according to the Atlanta neurosurgeon who treated her....

Newt, 57, told Marianne, 48, he wanted to end their 19-year marriage while she was visiting his mother on Mother's Day.

Newt, 57, secretly had been having an affair with congressional aide Callista Bisek, 34, whom he plans to marry next month in Alexandria, Va. That would make the blond-haired Bisek wife No. 3 for the onetime Republican revolutionary.

Toensing said there's no doubt that Newt knew all about his wife's condition at the time she went to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and was diagnosed with possible MS in September 1998, just before Newt announced he was giving up his job as speaker of the House and quitting Congress.
Gingrich apparently denies it, according to the article cited by Corn, but the same article quotes Victoria Toensing as confirming the allegations. She wouldn't lie about something like this, would she?

Perhaps Newt and Maggie Gallagher can get together and write a book about the virtues of marriage. Or they could just hook up.

(Yes, Corn's source is a four-year old article. But bashing Gingrich never goes out of style.)

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