Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Sound of Irrelevance

The relative silence of the wingnutosphere on the matter of Armstrong Williams is not guilty silence, or shame. Right-wing bloggers are pissed that they weren't offered cash money for their constant servicing of Bush. But the Administration's smart enough to know that no one takes wingnut bloggers seriously, and why buy a cow when you can get the intestinal parasites for free?

I hear Mickey Kaus even offered to pay DOE and HHS to lead a series of abstinence-only seminars, and they turned him down.

Meanwhile, Instapudnut claims some people have offered him "substantial amounts of money to author opeds furthering the agenda of some people." Yeah, right. Reynolds then opines about the evils of "astroturf blogging," and (with no irony intended) links to one of his columns at Tech Central Station, a website composed entirely of artificial grass. So the Cracker Hack does engage in astroturfing, he just allows others to collect the big money for his work.

(No link for Pudnut.)

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