Monday, July 28, 2014


We've got a volunteer for the Paul/A Pony '16 campaign: 
Rand Paul is more forceful than any Democrat on privacy and the impulse to empire. The Tea Party rails loudest against big banks and corporate corruption.
This tool has confused with coverage for conviction. Poodle Paul has gotten more television time than any Democrat on privacy and the impulse to empire, because most of the media loves Poodle Paul and he loves most of the media. Is Poodle Paul actually doing more than, say, Ron Wyden on privacy and the impulse to empire? No. (And the Poodle's love of privacy extends only certain government violations thereof; the Poodle is thrilled to have your employer all up in your privacy. His impulse control also varies depending on his ambitions.)

The second sentence is completely absurd. The closest Teabags got to railing -- at any volume -- about big banks and corporate corruption was in connection with the bailouts, aka gubmint giveaways to persons other than racist ranchers, oil companies, pasty "faith-based" organizations and Medicare recipients. There never was a 'Bag who supported stronger enforcement of corporate crime laws or the use of government to break up big banks. The Tea Party rails not at all on these issues -- their hate is directed exclusively at the parts of government that don't pander to them. 

The Bags, like Rand Paul, for example, are against occupational regulations or clean water standards that make Big Coal the smallest bit smaller.  Bailouts of Big Coal, not so much.

Too many Democrats are no better than Republicans on these issues, it's true. But to imagine that common cause can be made with those who wish to drown the government (read: those protected by the government from the free market's natural outcomes) in a bathtub is pure Paul/A Pony '16.


Jules said...

To be fair, there was very briefly a Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party that was against the bailouts. But they were poorly organized and quickly lost their branding to a bunch of Koch-sniffing loons who were into teabags, cosplay and pointing out in thousands of non-subtle ways that an African-American president was blowing their racist little minds to tiny pieces.

Where it gets hilarious is when these assholes, who've cheered and voted for every fuckhead who is anti-minimum wage, anti-regulation and anti-human being, put down the chicken, zip up their pants and claim they were really on the side of The People all along.

MikeAdamson said...

But Ralph Nader.

Montag said...

The history of American politics ought to pretty much prove that there are no white knights out there.

And anyone proposing Paul as one ignores at his peril the extreme looniness in which Paul's few seemingly sensible offhand remarks are embedded.

As for the Tea Partiers railing against "big banks and corporate corruption," that's a hoot, considering who's bankrolling them, and considering the fact that their reason for being seems largely to complain about Obama presidentin' while black.

And as for his complaints about Dems, I'd say Curry's a couple of decades late and many dollars short. He was okay with taking his paycheck from Clinton when Clinton was proposing all this DLC corporate welfare shit that's since blown up.

Anonymous said...

Poodle Paul.

Paul/A Pony '16.

Pure gold.

Love your commentary.