Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ron Fournier Is Now Accepting Late September Lunch Invitations From Top Democrats

Ron Fournier gets a free lunch:
"Every political cause has a narrative. And every narrative has a plot." Over lunch in Georgetown last month, a top Democratic spokesman, somebody who works intimately with both the White House and Hillary Rodham Clinton's team, wanted me to understand his frustration with President Obama. He said every plot has a hero. And every hero leaps overwhelming obstacles to accomplish a goal.
Ron Fournier's cause is Republicanism. Ron Fournier's narrative is President Obama sucks. Ron Fournier's hero is Ron Fournier. Ron Fournier's hero's goal is to put his narrative into the mouths of "top Democrats."  Ron Fournier's overwhelming obstacle is he has no credibility.

Ron Fournier takes his work with him on vacation:
I thought of this exchange while vacationing the last two weeks in Michigan, a state still recovering from the 2008 recession, still limping out of the industrial era, and just now dealing with the decades-long decline of its largest city, Detroit.
Sadly, Rin Fournier just can't get top Democrats to pay for hia lunch when he'a on vacation.

Ron Fournier worries that, while on vacation, he won't be able to find a top Democrat to blame President Obama for the declining value of Ron Fournier's lakeside summer home:
Three topics dominate conversations in Michigan: jobs, the weather, and the Detroit Tigers. The dearth of quality jobs gnaws at everybody, especially in northern Michigan, where financially desperate families are selling second- and third-generation cottages—a tangible loss of 20th-century middle-class vibrancy.
So Ron Fournier grants anonymity to top Democratic plumber when he's on vacation:
The day after that speech, a Tawas City, Mich., plumber told me he was a lifelong Democrat who had voted twice for Obama but had grown disenchanted. He pointed to a local newspaper headline about the Minnesota address and said, "It's not about you, Mr. President."
It's about expensing the clearing of the clogged crapper at Ron Fournier's lakeside villa, Mr. President. And Ron Fournier's got the top Democratic plumber in Tawas City, Mich.'s receipt to prove it.


Montag said...

And, not unexpectedly, there is no mention by Fournier of the current governor and legislature of Michigan, who have collectively lost their fucking minds and are currently trying to turn the state into a Xtian version of Somalia.

Anonymous said...

I call BS. Living in Michigan, we talk about how bad the roads are.

Hackwhackers said...

Those free lunches ended up in Fournier's crapper, as should his articles.

aimai said...

Hysterical. But I have to admit that the most conservative people I ever come into contact with are carpenters, contractors, and plumbers--if I'd had a national column when my hosue was being renovated I could have written a ton of these "straight from the horse's mouth" columns about Republican dissatisfaction with Bush.

Anonymous said...

"second and third-generation cottages"?

Second and third generation cottages have no debt. Mortgage should have been paid decades ago. Phuck you Phournier.

And screw the UP of Michigan. A bunch of Reich-wing wads of ass who elected idiots like faux democrat Bart Stupak, and then elected American Spectator ball-licker, Dan Benishek.