Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Garner, 1928-2014

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Everything I know about Southern California I learned from The Rockford Files.


Anonymous said...

Best late night show-in-syndication ever. It was great seeing James Garner show up in the movies and on TV over the years. R.I.P.


LT said...

Seconded. RIP.

LT said...

An homage, Roger, to James and Jim:

Anonymous said...

great actor. epitome of cool, american style. top that off with being a democrat, liberal and a raiders fan. rip.

Susan of Texas said...

He was my idea of the perfect guy.

Montag said...

I don't know in how many countries "Maverick" was syndicated, but it was a bunch. It was immensely popular in the UK when I lived there in the late `50s (syndicated by ITV, IIRC).

Plenty of memorable movies, and only a few clunkers, and, of course, "The Rockford Files," which is sort of seen today as an iconic view of L.A., but, at the time, had some of the best writing around, and dramatized things that at the time seemed far-fetched, but are mainstream today (consider the two-parter "The House on Willis Avenue" that first aired in Feb., 1978, dealing with an unscrupulous data collection, storage and security company with hooks into multiple computer databases, a story that wouldn't be out of place on the front pages today).

Definitely one of the good guys.