Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meegan Is the N___er of the World

Ever wonder why Meegan MeCardle isn't the President of Harvard, the anchor of a network news program and the head writer for The Daily Show?

Well, it's not the reason you've come up with. Let Meegan explain:

Conservatives are, not to overlabor the obvious, marginalized in the cultural elite, even though they are powerful in the political elite. (At least some of the time, anyway). Obviously there's been an enormous amount of ink shed about why this is, but my experience of talking to people who might have liked to go to grad school or work in Hollywood, but went and did something else instead, is that it is simply hogwash when liberals earnestly assure me that the disparity exists mostly because conservatives are different, and maybe dumber.

It's hard to believe that a person capable of writing that last sentence graduated from the University of Chicago and is paid to write for The Atlantic. Meritocracy, my ass.

Although the sentence is incomprehensible, Meegan appears to be saying that certain people who didn't go to graduate school or into show business have told her they're not different or stupid, and thus must have been barred from higher education and the media by nasty liberals who control those enterprises. And I'm here to say that I didn't marry Linda Evangelista because she found me too well-endowed and charming.

MeCardle then goes on to compare her plight (and the plight of her fellow college graduate pals in the media) to that of blacks in a fantasy version of segregated America in the fifties. (Come January 1, 1960 that unpleasantness was all past, don't you know.) Professor Berube has already dispatched that comparison to ashheap of stupidity. More fundamentally, Meegan ignores the fact that education and the media today are lousy with both wingnut institutions and wingnuts working for other, less-overtly wingnut institutions. Her argument rests on the premise that something which isn't true is "obviously" "obvious."

Besides, everyone knows that liberals control the housing market and are conspiring to keep Meegan and Pee-Sud out of their Barbie Dream House. That's a much bigger priority than monopolizing the schools and HBO.

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