Saturday, April 03, 2010

I wouldn't put my name on this garbage either

At National Review Online, Anonymous, whose spouse traded in his pr0n for the real thing, wants us to get "serious about pornography."

Picture an addiction so lethal it has the potential to render an entire generation incapable of forming lasting marriages and so widespread that it produces more annual revenue — $97 billion worldwide in 2006 — than all of the leading technology companies combined.

Eh, H-P's revenues were $117 billion in 2007, so I think it's safe to say that "all the leading technology companies" had in excess of $97 billion in revenues in 2006. By a wide spread.

Joe Klein -- I mean, Anonymous -- also cites such unimpeachable experts as "an online statistics firm" and the Withers-Poon Institute. If you want to get serious about pornography, Anon., you should stop pulling statistics out of orifices featured in pornography.

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