Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lame Canada

Re: this:

1. Why is it bigger outrage for Comedy Central to bleep "Mohammed" out of South Park than to do the same with the words "fuck" or "cocksucker?" If I understand correctly, Parker and Stone already bleep those words out before submitting their cartoons to the network (presumably they either agreed to do that or know it would happen if they didn't). No one simpers about free speech or censorship when South Park is shown with "cunt" removed. Is it any less censorious to bleep words because of fear of economic harm or government regulation than it is because of a threat of violence? In the latter case, the channel at least has the justification of protecting of its employees from the threat.

2. Instead of Draw Mohammed Day, wouldn't be a bit more ballsy, not to mention on point, to ridicule the dickheads who issued the threat? Last time I checked, Mohammed was dead. He's not objecting, and whatever remains of his corpse not going to harm anyone. If Bill Donahue is being a homophobic dick, do you draw Jesus or the Pope giving blowjobs?

3. Parker and Stone shouldn't be killed for their opinions. They should be killed for Baseketball. Repeatedly.

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