Sunday, April 11, 2010

He Hit Me, And It Felt Like The Eucharist


When I was in Saudi Arabia, I had tea and sweets with a group of educated and sophisticated young professional women.

I asked why they were not more upset about living in a country where women’s rights were strangled, an inbred and autocratic state more like an archaic men’s club than a modern nation. They told me, somewhat defensively, that the kingdom was moving at its own pace, glacial as that seemed to outsiders.

Does anyone believe that Moldo asked a question in words even remotely approximating those used in her column? I don't.

But as Moldo contemplated that imaginary exchange, she had an imaginary Saul on the road to Damascus moment:

How could such spirited women, smart and successful on every other level, acquiesce in their own subordination?

I was puzzling over that one when it hit me: As a Catholic woman, I was doing the same thing.

Really, Moldo? It just now "hit you" now that the Catholic Church treats women as a subordinate class? Have you been in a coma for the last 60 years?

Moldo posits that the Church's sex abuses scandals wouldn't have happened if the patriarchal Church was a bit more "maternal." Of course, Moldo constantly engages in Daddy worship of the Bushes and Cheney, and bashes Obama for being a feminized puss. She enjoys the Church's art and achitecture and designer costumes and adores the perks of her membership in the Catholic Beltway elite. So she'll continue to occupy her privileged pew and occassionally pen a self-serving column scolding the Church she loves so much. And the next time she runs out of Democrats to demean, she'll become a faux feminist again.

Don't get me wrong. Moldo is free to believe any stupid thing she wants. She's free to toss pebbles from her luxury box inside St. Peter's and sob that her high church lifestyle is being ruined by creepy priests. But her column leaves the impression that she, like the Church, thinks the molestation scandal is all about her, and not about the Church's victims.

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