Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spectacular Fail

I admit it. I was wrong. Spectacularly so.

Just three days ago, I offered the following economic analysis:

The fatal flaw in [Culture 11's] business model was the failure to line up a neocon sugar daddy who would subsidize bat shit if it spouted an anti-Arab, U.S. imperialist line.

Since then, the market for imperialist anti-Arab bat shit has collapsed spectacularly.

As Tom illustrates in the link above, the failure of Depends is already causing a ripple effect in the form of job losses among financially dependent bloggers. That couldn't come at a worse time, given that Starbucks is already laying off workers.

And, really, Rog-el, a professional writer putting out work like this?

In the last few months we have strengthened the PJTV lineup with shows covering Media Bias, Education Bias, Middle East Update, Sharia and Jihad, Powerline Report, Ask Dr. Helen, Hugh News, Poliwood, Conservatism 2.0, Economy and Finance, National Security, and others.

Shows covering Ask Dr. Helen and Hugh News? Now that's narrowcasting.

Does anyone else suspect that PJTV sent Sam Wurzelbacher to Israel with something more than 3x5 cards and miniature condoms in his luggage?

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