Saturday, January 31, 2009

Congratulations, Cookie Puss!

And the Rancy goes to Michael "Cookie Puss" Steele, a man with paranoid delusions of having bigoted baked goods lobbed at his bonce.

As his first act as Chairman of the RNC, Steele is expected to call on himself to denounce and repudiate himself for his rare moments of honesty and lucidity:

"In Katrina, the president is at 30,000 feet in an airplane looking down at people dying, living on a bridge. And that disconnect, I think, sums up, for me at least, the frustration that Americans feel."

The response to Katrina was "a monumental failure," [Steele] continued. "We became so powerful in our ivory towers, in our gated communities. We forgot that there are poor people." The detachment remained after the storm, he said. "I could see that they weren't getting it, they weren't necessarily clued in. . . . For me, the seminal moment was the [Dubai] port decision.

... "For me to pretend I'm not a Republican would be a lie," he reasoned. But to run as a proud Republican? "That's going to be tough, it's going to be tough to do," he said. "If this race is about Republicans and Democrats, I lose."

Now that's party leadership I can believe in!

Ken Snackwell, the Hydrox of the leadership race, withdrew in early balloting and tossed his crumbling support to Cookie Puss. Stay tuned to see if Steele's other rivals, an assortment of crackers and mixed nuts, accuse the ex-Lt. Governor and serial fabulist of having the ballot box double stufed.

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